Frequently Asked Questions

14 Questions to ask when selecting your location:


Can we use the inside and outside of the house?      

  Answer: Yes.
2) Can we have loud music and dancing beyond midnight?
  Answer: Yes, mobile discos or bands until 2 AM.
3) How far in advance must the house be reserved?
  Answer: One week if the date is available.
4) How many people will the site comfortably hold?
  Answer: 300 indoor, 500 outdoor.
5) How much is the refundable security deposit?
  Answer: Our security deposit starts at $2,000.00 and increases depending on the size of the event.
6) Will you be present the day of the event?
  Answer: Yes, I observe and take care of any problems.
7) Do we need to provide liability insurance?
  Answer: Yes, a two million dollar one day event policy.
8) What are we responsible for?
  Answer: Cleaning the house thoroughly after the event.
9) Am I required to use your cater?
  Answer: Yes.
10) Will you allow us to use the kitchen?
  Answer: Yes.
11) Can we supply our own liquor for the event?
  Answer: Yes.
12) What is your deposit to reserve the location?
  Answer: None.
13) Where do our guests park?
  Answer: We have our own parking lot on the estate.
14) For large events of 300-800 people, where do they park?
  Answer: We require shuttling from the Pacific Design Center.


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