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Centrally located
1,800 sq ft living room
High ceilings with skylight
Floor to ceiling windows
Two off street parking lots
Always bright and sunny
Large flagstone fireplace
Live plants and trees
Gated entrance with long tree-lined driveway
75 foot Lanai entrance with wall of hand painted tiles
25 foot long cocktail bar well suited for large groups
16 foot long dining room table for dinners
Grassy outdoor observation area for viewing city lights
Restaurant quality commercial kitchen
Large 20x60 foot swimming pool
Lava rock landscape mountain behind pool
Poolhouse cabana at pool level
Multi-level observation decks located above pool
Cathedral ceilings with skylights for soft illumination
Private 40 car motor court surrounded by trees
Views from Downtown to the beach
Available furnished or unfurnished
Property holds up to 500 people
Located on a cul-de-sac for safe
  arrivals and departures
Shuttling available from
  adjacent streets
Security is easy to maintain with
  only one entrance

Physical Dimensions of Key Areas:
  • Bright, sunny spacious 1,800 sq. ft.. living room (with or without furniture)
  • 75' lanai entrance with wall of hand painted tiles
  • Pool Deck Area 1200 sq. ft
  • Pool Patio Area 600 sq .ft..
  • Total usable Upper Pool Level Area 1,800 sq. ft.

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